Linkedin Paid Advertising 101
how to linkedin Ads

More and more digital marketers are tipping their toes into Linkedin advertising. We are constantly hearing questions like: – Do Linkedin ads work? – What are the costs? – What is a good CTR? – Which type of ads to use? Are you looking to generate more leads, drive website traffic, promote your personal brand […]

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How to first-rate your LinkedIn profile?
Linkedin Profile Essentials

In this video, I’m sharing how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, so it stands out not only to other people but algorithms would give credit as well. What do you think is the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile? Which sections, in your opinion, do people pay attention to the most? From my experience, […]

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Overcoming Pandemic Disruption – The LinkedIn for Business Continuity Action Plan

The impact of coronavirus has already had an unprecedented impact on businesses around the globe. Supply chains are frozen, teams are working remote, sales cycles are unpredictable. The end result for companies will vary widely depending on how well they balance defence (handling the present) and risk-mitigation with innovation and technology investment (winning the future). […]

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We are constantly bombarded with the new information about COVID-19 and economic disruption over the world and various videos on the subject how to cope with it from mentors who are happy to walk you through the time of uncertainty. Eventually, mostly “too big to fail” companies will be bailed out and unemployment rates are […]

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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Lead Generation for B2B companies in 2020

If you were to focus on only one channel for your company’s lead generation, it should be LinkedIn. The numbers show that the platform isn’t just a good choice for B2B marketers – it’s the best in 2020. The conversion rates are higher and the cost per lead is lower compared to other advertising networks. […]

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Use your LinkedIn profile to appeal to a specific target audience

Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile Set a solid foundation for your social selling. Let’s face it, most LinkedIn profiles don’t make a very interesting reading. For salespeople, that’s a problem. Consider: A LinkedIn profile is a perpetual introduction to the online world. That profile is up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. […]

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