Why do you need specifically LinkedIn Lead Generation?

As a business owner selling professional services, or a sales manager for a company selling professional services, you are most likely using LinkedIn for reputation management, prospecting, building awareness and professional authority.

LinkedIn remains the #1 social network for professionals looking to connect and generate B2B, even B2C leads and yet, there are many companies along with the sales and marketing professionals that continue to ignore the power of LinkedIn for lead generation.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Our Lead Generation Solution – prospecting for your potential clients on LinkedIn.

We are going to look through people’s profiles manually, pick the best match and reach out to them on your behalf. Our lead generation specialists have enormous experience in finding leads in various areas e.g. Finance, Real Estate, Pharma, IT, Retail or any industry you are in. We are going to deliver high-quality, handy picked leads only.

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium we can build a database with the following but not limited information
☑ Email List Building (verified & active)
☑ Company owner, CEO, CFO or required contact person
☑ Company Name, Website, Phone, Address (Street, City, State, ZIP Code) information
☑ LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp Research

Database building include and not limited to the following fields
☑ Company/ Business Name
☑ Company website
☑ Company Phone, Address
☑ Company size, Industry
☑ Contact Person’s Name
☑ Prospect’s Job Title
☑ Direct E-mail
☑ Link to LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Why work with us?

☑ 100% valid leads
☑ Responsive leads
☑ 24/7 Customer Support
☑ Money back guarantee

With KG Digital LinkedIn Lead Generation you will get high quality leads that converts. Our solid knowledge in lead generation has proven results that are going to get you in front of the right people. Contact us now for details today.