This week in the News: LinkedIn breach exposes 92% user data.

LinkedIn breach said to expose data of 740 million users globally, the leaked data including names, phone numbers, email IDs, physical addresses, geolocations, Linked profile URL and salary details.

Yet another breach of LinkedIn user data is now being reported, possibly through the exploitation of the same vulnerability that led to the data breach of around 500 million Facebook users earlier.

The leaked data is now up for sale on the dark web.

A recent report by the publication confirms that the data advertised by the hacker “is both genuine and up-to-date,” with data points dating from 2020 to 2021.

This is the second such breach of its kind, compromising the data of LinkedIn users. Data of around 740 million was stolen through the very same vulnerability from LinkedIn earlier in April. At the time, LinkedIn acknowledged the data breach, stating that the breach involved publicly viewable profile data that was scraped from Linkedin.

Though the recent data breach is on the same lines and makes use of the same vulnerability, the company is yet to issue a statement on the mishap.