The impact of coronavirus has already had an unprecedented impact on businesses around the globe.

Supply chains are frozen, teams are working remote, sales cycles are unpredictable.

The end result for companies will vary widely depending on how well they balance defence (handling the present) and risk-mitigation with innovation and technology investment (winning the future).

At the end of this crisis, the professionals left behind by disruptive technologies will also be left out of both profit and opportunity.

Based on COVID19 insights from enterprise leaders and Digital Marketing innovators, this succinct 5-page special report provides:

Near-Term LinkedIn Use-Cases for Business Continuity – From managing risk to driving efficiencies, we specify AI applications types (with specific examples) to help leaders understand how to respond and recover.

Leverage Points to Focus On Now – LinkedIn can’t help with everything, but there are a few business areas where LinkedIn can make all the difference in surviving and thriving in this pandemic. This report lays them out clearly.

A Framework for Turning Complete Strangers into New, Loyal Customers – Engaging alone will not overcome this economic disruption, companies will need to turn their immediate response into a future advantage, potentially with new business models.

LinkedIn will unlock almost limitless potential here – and this report highlights how leaders can form that vision with confidence.
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