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Our digital marketing services help you generate immediate results not only on social media. We connect your products or services to thousands of people who may be interested in them. Our digital marketing strategy will allow you to leverage the most cost-effective and targeted form of advertising available today.

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Our Digital Marketing Services

Customers are actively looking for solutions just like yours. The question is, are your products and services easy to find where it matters most? Do your messages connect and inspire action in a meaningful way?

KG Digital consultants specialize in understanding your customer’s journey from awareness to consideration to purchase. We can help you develop a digital marketing strategy that helps create easy to find, engaging experiences that inspire action – from joining your social network community to buying your product to referring your brand to peers and social networks.

Let’s face it, today’s online marketplace is more competitive than ever. You need a digital marketing partner that not only understands the customer journey but how to develop a digital marketing strategy that helps your brand become known as “the best answer” wherever prospects and customers may be looking: search, social media, industry media or email.

As a one-stop agency digital marketing agency, you can count on KG Digital for specialized marketing consulting services that include:

  • Social Media Marketing

Create and manage top-performing social campaigns and start developing a dedicated fan base. Our social media marketing experience at KG Digital spans all of the major social networks, including: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

We focus on social media tactics that develop long-term value in your brand. We are not just posting to post. Everything we do has a strategy in mind.

True social media success comes through a combination of organic social media marketing (which includes channel optimization, audience analysis, and more) and paid social ads (which includes graphic design, a/b testing and other services). Let us build a custom quote for your business.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is an efficient, compelling, and customizable digital strategy that works in practically any industry. Create, publish, and promote engaging content to generate more traffic and build a dedicated community. You can provide the answers that your potential customers are trying to find, so you can become the industry authority that people come to whenever they have questions.

We can help you build trust and confidence in your brand by producing content that directly addresses the needs of your customers. These assets can establish your authority and generate audience loyalty for years to come. Request a custom quote for your business.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Get more website traffic, more customers, and more online visibility with powerful and precise SEO services. Search engine optimization is a critical aspect of online marketing, and we’ll develop a campaign specific to your individual brand and industry. At KG Digital we use a combination of the latest onsite and off-site strategies to produce top results.

Google processes billions of searches every day, and the vast majority of searchers never look beyond the first page. Do you know where your company ranks? If it’s not at the top of the rankings, it might as well be invisible. Together we can push your website above your competition. Request For Quotation.

  • Email Marketing

If you’re looking to add email marketing to part of your integrated digital marketing program, our team of results-driven professionals can work with you to deliver a customer-centric program geared at converting and retaining customers. We’ve honed our email marketing process to create a results-driven approach to messaging, Call To Action (CTA), lead capture and conversion metrics. Let us build a custom quote for your business.

  • Influencer Marketing

KG Digital’s unique approach to influencer marketing can help you reach your target audience by building relationships with influencers who already have industry authority and credibility. Request For Quotation.

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Target your ideal search phrases and get found at the top of Google’s search results. PPC allows you to get immediate results. Our expert PPC experts will boost your leads, increase your revenue, and help your business get traffic fast. Start optimizing your AdWords campaign today. Let us build a custom quote for your business.

  • Website Analytics

Understanding the path from discovery to a conversion of your customers is key to determining what changes you can make to convert more customers. Our data-driven approach will help us determine which metrics are most important and what actions we can take to help you convert more customers. Additionally, in order to measure your marketing activities against overarching business goals, you must analyze the wealth of data at your fingertips.  This data will help you identify successes or inefficiencies, as well as drive future content and planning for website improvements. Contact us for a custom quote for all your digital needs.

  • LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is an ideal B2B sales and marketing platform used by millions of professionals each day. We significantly increase the quantity and quality of your B2B sales leads with our LinkedIn Lead Generation services.  You benefit with greater sales productivity, shorter sales cycles, higher revenue per sale and faster business growth. These are comprehensive “done for you” LinkedIn lead generation services that:

  1. Deliver targeted B2B sales leads
  2. Optimize your key employee profiles to present a strong value proposition to potential buyers
  3. Drive your profile views up by 3-10X
  4. Build your network with thousands of ideal target customers
  5. Warm up prospects with useful content and social engagement
  6. Require minimal time and effort from you

We take a “white glove” approach to B2B lead generation that delivers value first, before leading prospects down the sales engagement path. Our approach generates warm targeted leads from LinkedIn with multiple touches, while building your reputation as an authority in your market. You get a dedicated Account Manager who learns your business and runs a structured LinkedIn process for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service works best for B2B companies with a customer value of USD $10k+.  It is not suited to a low value or B2C offerings. 

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KG Digital provides an integrated mix of internal marketing services and solutions based on what it will to Attract, Engage and Convert your fans and community to customers.

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