Small businesses are usually straggling so I’ve decided to put together 5 reasons why local restaurants need social media. Recently I’ve moved to Limassol, Cyprus and of course have been visiting lots of local places. It’s quite a touristic and one of the most picturesque islands in the Mediterranean. Although, locals are not really using the benefits of modern technologies to attract more tourists. Roughly 10%, if not less, of local businesses you can find on google maps.  If you are a business owner you might find it interesting as well.

Social media is one of the most revolutionary developments in the history of technology. Adding new depth to the internet, social media has transformed the way people communicate, think, and market. The world is in the midst of the first platform shift in over fifty years. More and more people are using their cell phones than televisions, radio, newspapers altogether. Local restaurants are always being popular but there is a lack of social media presence in many of these places.

So what are the reasons why local restaurants need social media marketing?

local restaurants need social media marketing

Here are 5 reasons why local restaurants need social media marketing:

  1. Cost-effectiveness — compared to traditional advertising. On the decline due to the aforementioned platform shift, social media marketing is more affordable. Using new technologies you can reach more people than traditional print, radio, or TV.
  2. Social media marketing is interactive. Currently, brands are building on the Internet. A big reason why is the ability to interact with customers, naysayers, and a neutral audience in a quick and easy way. As communication becomes more real-time, this is a bonus for local restaurants.
  3. Social media marketing is a huge opportunity — many local restaurants have a poor strategy. Especially, when it comes to marketing via their social media platforms. Their Facebook accounts are dormant, they do not utilize SEO techniques in their posts, and they do not know their audience. A local restaurant that can effectively utilize social media marketing has a large revenue-growth opportunity over their competitors.
  4. Increases brand exposure. Local restaurants can have their brand and product (food — the most visually appealing and brain-stimulating item on the planet) consistently in front of existing and potential customers.
  5. Social media marketing gives you a target audience. The great thing about social media marketing is all the tools that can be utilized to really find an accurate target audience. This is difficult to accomplish with traditional advertising and can help grow your brand and bring more revenue into the restaurant.

If you are a local restaurant and feel that your social media marketing lacks strategy, professionalism, or is being utilized improperly it is time for changes. You can research social marketing agencies in the area, train yourself on how to use different social platforms, and grow your brand and revenue.


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